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X-rated SPN fiction
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nobody knows I'm a false berry [userpic]

All the Way Down

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Setting: post season four
Word count: 3,937
Warnings: dub-con
Summary: Sam has been alone for three years when Dean reappears.

( Sam rests his forehead against the door to his motel room )

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IsaacSapphire [userpic]

Title: Man’s Best Friend
Author: IsaacSapphire
Fandom(s): Supernatural (American TV show)
Wordcount: 1550
Rating: XXX (NC-17)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Dean/Rumsfeld (Bobby’s dog), Sam/Dean, Bobby, mentions of John
Genre(s): Porn
Warnings/categories: Bestiality, oral, incest, slash, yaoi, gay

Synopsis: Sam stumbles in on Dean doing something unimaginably perverse, he tries out some perversion of his own, altering the brothers’ relationship (except not really).

Timeline: Not too long after Nightshifter

Spoiler warning: Major spoiler for In My Time of Dieing, very vague spoilers for Nightshifter

fake cut to fic

thenyxie [userpic]

TITLE: Crossing the Rubicon (LSITS Verse epilogue)
WARNING: Wincest
SUMMARY: It's not about the girls. But girls can still be fun ;) Toppy!Sam. Filthy, filthy porn. I am so not even kidding. What? It's LSITS Verse. You want me to lie and say it has plot?
WORDS: 3511
NOTES: Epilogue to the verse. Master list is here
DOWNLOAD IT: YAY! The entire LSITS Verse is now compiled in one doc and available in one quick zip file download. Tada--40 pages of porn!

They pick you, out of a crowd of glittering dozens. Eyeing your cleavage in your tight little tank top, palms fitting against the curve of your ass through your skin tight jeans. They don’t dance, but they might as well, the way their bodies move against you like serpents, hips rolling, hands tugging, mouths seeking, slowly backing you to the darkened corner of the bar, one in front, one behind.

( Crossing the Rubicon )

thenyxie [userpic]

TITLE: Pretty Tied Up
RATING: NC-17 (very)
SUMMARY: PORN. Down and dirty, dirty porn. Toppy!Sam and Needy!Sub!Dean included! There is no pretense of plot to be found here. But there is D/s, bondage, and quite a few other kinks.
WORDS: 3484
NOTES: No redeeming value.

( Pretty Tied Up )

strawberry's, amazingness, oats, and steroids [userpic]

Hey guys! Pwnership change! nutkin has just inherited this community from mcee, and I'm going to be helping out! Nice to meet you.

Mad with power, we've made just a couple of additions to the rules of the comm:

  • Please don't post stories with multiple chapters until that story is complete.Then a link to the finished story is totally acceptable. We want to keep the community uncluttered and relatively easy to navigate back through, particularly with one hand down our pants.

  • Please utilize the tags we have provided so people can search for all the specifics they are in the mood for.

  • The rule about not posting every chapter of your current fic, however porny it may be, is to help keep us all from being spammed and to help it be as flist-friendly as a nasty porn comm can possibly be! If you recently posted a lot of "part 3" kinds of things here, we've deleted them (I think they were all only posts with links to the fic instead of actual fic posts) and you have our apologies. As a clarification, if you write a sequel to a fic you posted here, you are welcome to post the sequel too, but hold off posting on your actual WIPs until they're all done, okay?

    For now, posts are being moderated just so there's no accidental fics posted here that read less like Awesome Porn and more like bad romance novels, but we might change that if we find it unnecessary.

    That's all! Please comment if you have any questions or concerns.


    WritingByEboniOrchid [userpic]

    Title: Put in a Cup [Samdom Universe]
    Author: eboniorchid
    Fandom: Supernatural
    Characters: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
    Word Count: ~1250 words.
    Rating: X/NC-17 for language and sexuality.
    Warnings/Spoilers: Slightly AU. Kink/BDSM. D/s. Come fetish. Masturbation. Voyeurism. Orgasm control/denial. Established relationship. Wincest. Slash. Smut. PWP. Graphic m/m sex. Comment!fic. No spoilers.
    Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Nothing.
    Summary: Never woulda pegged Texas as the kinda place where boys drink come outta cups.
    Betas: Thanks be to dendritejungle and traffic_west.
    Why this is X-rated: At the Paley festival, Jared and Jensen were asked "what kind of alcohol do you guys drink" and they said they were "a coupla Texas boys" who "probably drink what you'd imagine a coupla Texas boys drink," to which Jared added, "put in a cup." My first thought was the random and gutter-minded sentence in the summary. Hence, the following dirty, dirty, dirty fic. // You don't need to know this universe for this fic at all, but if you want more info about my Samdom Universe, including links to all installments, please go here.

    Sam had said he couldn't come until he'd drunk it all down, licked it all up.

    strawberry's, amazingness, oats, and steroids [userpic]

    Title: Thicker Than Water
    Author: Edwardina
    Pairing: Sam/Dean
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: PWP, genderswap, and... menstrual kink, so... possible squick. Man, don't read this if such a concept squicks you. Whatever, this is all kinds of crazy.
    Summary: Dean's got cramps, and Sam knows just what to do for him.
    Notes: "I like girl!Dean," I said thoughtfully, "but what I really want to see in a genderswap fic is menstruation..." I'm not even going to try to explain it. Thanks so much to nutkin for the look-over and to sevenfists for deeming it postable. Crazies!!

    ( Tell me you got me some chocolate. )

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    Alex [userpic]

    Title: There is no line you won’t step right over.
    Fandom: Supernatural
    Pairing: Sam/Dean
    Word Count: 2, 344
    Warnings: handcuff/knife/blood!kink (why yes, I am ambitious *grin*), slash and incest.
    Summary: Sam’s got a surprise for Dean when he wakes up that Dean will never forget. Just porn, people!
    Disclaimer: Everything that Alex says or does is not meant, and should not be taken in any form of literal context. I am merely the produce of a small goat and a typewriter locked inside a small room with no doors, windows or lemonade.
    Notes:Written for the most amazing, gorgeous, wonderful, funny and awesome chick I ever had the good fortune to meet through livejournal, flawedamythyst. Amy has been there for me, to urge, encourage, argue with, smack (*giggles*), and chat with for so long… I just don’t know what I’d do without her. So many of my fics would not have been written without her encouragement, and there is no way I would have written so many in such a short amount of time. Now, I could ramble about her all day… but I won’t, for all your sake’s. lol
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, baby! Hope you have a brilliant day.
    This is sort of like an off-shoot of a fic I am writing for Sweet Charity… well, it’s where I got the idea anyway. *grin*

    Lots of love to my Beta, albydarned, who is wonderful in ways I cannot describe. (I played with it after she looked at it and so all remaining mistakes are my own.)
    Title from the song This is how we operate by Gomez

    All my fics are here

    “Must I be possessed to enjoy you restrained and at my mercy?” Sam’s grin was too slow and wicked, and Dean wondered if there was a way for demons to get past the revealing nature of God’s name. “I’m not possessed, Dean.” Sam leaned down and kissed him.

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    DendriteJungle [userpic]

    Title: A Good Day
    Author: dendritejungle
    Fandom: Supernatural/ Oz crossover
    Characters: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester/ Vern Schillinger
    Word Count: ~ 4300 words.
    Rating: NC-17 (R? X? Still a little fuzzy on this rating thing.)
    Warnings/Spoilers: Slash, PWP, dubious-con, non-con, m/m rape, begging, bondage, branding, knifeplay, bit o’ blood; (very) mild spoilers for Born Under A Bad Sign
    Disclaimer: I only wish I owned these boys. But given what I’m doing to them, it’s probably just as well I don’t.
    Summary: Vern Schillinger has been annoyed by two new inmates. He’s about to teach them their place.
    Betas: missyjack, bless her!
    Author's Notes:
    Schillinger’s POV. And he’s rather gleeful about the whole thing.
    Good grief, this is my first fic ever. It was just...born fully-formed in my brain, inspired by a simple comment, and it wrote itself in 9 straight hours. I’m still kind of in shock.
    If you aren’t familiar with the HBO series Oz, all you need to know is that it’s a prison, and Vern Schillinger is a viciously sadistic leader of the neo-Nazi “Brotherhood” chapter in Oz, with a well-established history of branding and rape. A fine, upstanding gentleman, to be sure. I’m tempted to write a sequel in which Dean and Sam give him his comeuppance. Oh, and a shiv is a makeshift knife.
    X-Rating Reasoning: *points wordlessly at warning tags*

    Schillinger whistled as he walked down the hall.Collapse )

    WritingByEboniOrchid [userpic]

    *first post here - w00t!*

    Title: He Just Likes It
    Author: eboniorchid
    Fandom: Supernatural
    Characters: Dean Winchester/Women (they're not really OFCs, because there's no clear O or C to them)
    Word Count: ~635 words
    Warnings/Spoilers: Het. Comment!fic. PWP. Smut. Graphic m/f sex. Character study (for real).
    Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Nothing.
    Summary: Dean's always had a really oral personality.
    Beta: nyoka
    X-Rating Reasoning: We're in Dean's head while he's thinking about oral exploration of women and he's a very dirty, oral boy. Need I say more?

    He's run into a lot of guys through the years who just don't get it ...

    it's load-bearing, asshole! [userpic]

    Welcome to spnx,a Supernatural fanfiction community devoted to X-rated stories. All pairings and kinks are welcome, we ask only that you abide by these simple rules.

    Enjoy and post stories and recs at will!

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